Who?   What?   Why?

For more than 10 years, I've been fishing golf balls out of ponds and brooks.   If there's a ball in that bush, I'll get it. Golfers don't like the woods but that's where the balls love to go and so do I.   My golfing buddies have been very understanding.   Some have even turned into accomplices (you know who you are) by sharing their logo finds ... of course, I show my appreciation by supplying them with their favorite brand of non-logo balls.

What is it that makes those little white (or not) orbs so interesting?   From your local course to exotic locales, logoballs let you dream of places you might never go...think Augusta National.   Maybe we can't afford a Rolls Royce but a Rolls Royce logo golf ball looks pretty cool on our shelf.

You don't need to be a great golfer.   In fact, you don't need to be a golfer at all.   There's no upfront investment, no fancy equipment and no special talent is required.   If you like walks in the woods, are attracted to water (ponds, lakes and brooks) and don't mind a few mosquito bites, the rewards are there for the taking.   Watch out for the gators!

Some collectors specialize in specific categories.   For example, I know a few who buy the course logo ball whenever they play a new track.   Their display case chronicles their golf vacations and good times.   Of course, this seriously limits the size of their collection since there are less than 40,000 courses on the planet.

While I play and do most of my ball hawking in and around Connecticut, my logoballs come from near and far.   I hope to expand your collection and mine by trading with partners like yourself.   You can reach me via the e-mail address on the Contact   page.   Hope to hear from you soon.



1st Hole at HBBCC,   211 yds,   Par 3