Let's Make A Trade!

Just a word about the logo balls offered for trade: Virtually all of the balls pictured on this website have been hit at least once.   Some have even spent an hour or two underwater.   The photos are real and unretouched.   What you see is what you'll get unless I obtain another duplicate in better condition than the one shown.

If you are interested in a trade, can identify a mystery logo, have a website to add to the "Links" page or just want to give feedback on this website, I'd like to hear from you.   Please send me an e-mail at the address below


Credits (Updated thru June 1, 2020)

I'd like to acknowledge with thanks the contributions to my collection from the following eagle-eyes and trading partners:

Rank   Amateurs   # 1st-in Logos                           Rank   Trade Partners   # 1st-in Logos
1Tom O1,2181Mel H869
2Greg B5312Don K640
3Paul B4153John L509
4Vic W4104Steve C494
5Chris G3245Jacques D454
6John D3036Russ A315
7Jay W2937Lou G292
8Pierre D2348H Tom N146
9Rich K1729Bruno N108
10Jitu15910Come LC78